We are in stealth with select customers.
We believe in augmenting human intelligence, not replacing it.
We believe in making complex data understandable and actionable to business users.
We believe that mobile and wearable devices have made it increasingly essential for enterprises to capture and understand disparate customer behaviors.
We believe computers should recommend the best questions to ask in addition to answering them.
We are creating the world’s most powerful platform for understanding customer behavior.

We help product and marketing teams to discover, analyze and visualize customer behavior that impacts their business metrics.

We empower business users to ask and answer complex questions without requiring them to master querying languages, data science, or dig through reports. For this we are building interactive machine-assisted analysis of customer behavior and business metrics.

We started when we saw the frustration of our business partners not understanding which customer behavior was impacting their metrics. Always reacting to new customer trends rather than discovering them. We have spent many years mining massive data sets to build search engines, recommendation platforms, product catalogs, social media analytics to help our business partners. We deeply care about the problem business users have and we are focussed on making it easy for them to understand data.
Customer Obsession: it does trump everything, and we would like you to speak up when it does not
Engineering culture: we build things that matter, engineers not academics, simple solutions to complex problems, go getters
Work life balance: yes we are an early-stage company but we are not a sweat shop
We are hiring, if you are intrigued and passionate about this, please email and we can grab a coffee together
Engineers with experience in or passion to acquire any of the following: machine learning, big data, spark/hadoop, large scale distributed systems, data visualization, etc
Data Analysts with experience or passion to acquire any of the following: customer success, analytics, technical sales, data visualization, dashboarding, web analytics etc